How do I cancel my WIP account?

You can cancel your WIP account here:

I'd love to know why though!

I guess I got a little frustrated with the UI and figuring out how to make TODO's. That might have been impulsive frustration. I won't cancel, and give it a chance this month. Thanks for the fast reply. The quick reply was a very good sign to me!

Welcome Nick. This might help I am also finding this chrome extension extremely helpful to add todos.…

Agreed. The chrome extension by @jerrebm is an amazing add-on for WIP. Highly recommend (it's free)!

@marckohlbrugge do I have to cancel to switch to an annual subscription? I tried to reach you but did not get any response and I've been charged yesterday.

Edit: Thanks to the edit link I just discovered I can see I'm still on the older & lower price so I guess that's better I don't switch..?

Ah sorry for the delay. Will reply to you know.

For anyone else reading: please message me on Telegram to switch to annual subscription.