How did you validate RemoteOK? What did your MVP look like?

I'm currently going through my list of ideas from the past few months to see what I want to work on next.

One of the ideas came when I was looking at job postings for Formula 1 teams. Currently every racing team lists job openings on their own site, this means that if you are interested in working in formula 1 you need to check 10 websites (10 teams in F1 right now). I want to scrape those websites and combine them into a single job board and do the same for many other race classes.

I think I can grow and monetize in 2 different ways from there: -Make it an automative job board (with racing as a subcategory) and sell job postings to companies in that industry (car dealerships, mechanics, self driving cars etc.) -Make it a sports job board: scrape jobs from other sports (NBA, NFL, NHL etc.) and sell job postings to companies in the sports industry.

How did you validate RemoteOK? Did you use a spreadsheet like you did for NomadList or did you build the site + scrapers and trust that there are enough job postings in that niche to make it profitable?

Great question! I'm about to sleep so will write more tomorrow.

The validation was 2 ways actually:

I only posted the job ads that I sold myself. The volume was ok, but not big.

  • So I thought I'll aggregate remote jobs from traditional job boards. Back then there weren't many aggregators in remote work (maybe two, now tens, maybe hundreds).

Then when that took off way more, I killed Nomad Jobs and redirected it to Remote OK.

I think important is to have a site about a topic that you can then attach a job board too. I did that with Nomad List -> Nomad Jobs -> Remote OK. Product Hunt does that with Angel List Jobs. BetaList with Beta Jobs. If you don't have the topic site, you can't get traction on a job board, unless it's a new niche and you're the only one (like ReactJobs).