How did you integrate SSO?

Hi all,
So we've started to advertise "SSO" for our enterprise offering with the plan of just building it if anyones actually inquires 😁

We're using Supabase self-hosted (which doesn't support SSO) but are thinking about switching to Nextauth.js. I looked at the Boxyhq integration but they're charging 49$ / month per customer. Assuming we charge 499$ for an enterprise customer, it feels a lot to give up 10% just for auth.

Curious for those that have already integrated SSO how you've ended up doing it? Any tips or SaaS to help with that?

We used Laravel in the past mostly, and there are great packages for that out there.
Currently, we are using for Shopify apps, but it's possible to use them for other apps too. They have some SSO available.
I'm not deep into React or Next currently.