Hello, my name is Pete Marcano

What are you working on these days?

I do freelance Rails development for a handful of recurring clients. I've built enough apps for others so recently began hacking some of the ideas stuck in my head.

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

I've struggled with the marketing and shipping things in the past. Hoping to build some good habits with you and excited to meet all of you!

What can you help others with?

I've been into programming and business since college. Over the past five years (or so) I've been building web apps for a range of clients. If you need Ruby on Rails dev help or bounce a product idea off of someone find me.

Something else you want to share?

In my spare time I'm probably skiing or thinking about crypto :). Look forward to getting to know all of you!

Glad to have a fellow Rails developer join our community!

What projects are you working on right now? Curious to hear what you plan to ship next.

Oh that would have been good to mention in the intro.

I'm currently building a tiny app (one may call it a "micro-SaaS") that's sole goal is to delete old tweets off of twitter.

I call it Tweet Sweeper —

The core features are built, and I have a small handful of paying customers (about $100 ARR), but no where near profitable yet.

My main goal is to get better at product positioning and learning different marketing channels. I'd love to build a handful of apps to replace freelance and consulting work.

I see. Cool. Have you considered allowing sweeping of individual tweets containing certain keywords?

You'll frequently see celebrities getting in hot water for old tweets containing terms or views that are (no longer) politically correct and they end up getting cancelled for it.

Would be useful to scan for those.

My bet is that virtually all of your tweets are useless after 24 hours.

Twitter's homepage (when logged out) advertises "Happening now", and Dan Rowden of ilo recently tweeted that after 24 hours Twitter stops surfacing every tweet, regardless of how popular it is.…

Twitter is a chat room and all chats have some sort of context. Old tweets that get surfaced don't usually get surfaced with all the context of the time.

It's also really hard to know today what will be politically incorrect 5 years from now.

With that said, I'd consider the opposite approach. Pick keywords that you want to keep on the record (like for you it may be #buildinpublic, or something like that) and delete the rest.