Hello, my name is Chance Taken

What are you working on these days?

🧩 puzzles related to optimally matching learners / founders at an EdTech startup I work at
👾 a project-based learning collab platform for software devs.
💡 thinking about other experiments / projects to try out in the EdTech space

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

Just seeing people on WIP build & ship cool projects is a big help. I'm also looking forward to becoming a part of the community and helping others where I can & getting feedback. 

What can you help others with?

Collaboration design, community management, cohort-based learning, cohort-based courses, asking questions

Something else you want to share?

All mammals get about a billion heartbeats per lifetime, with some exceptions. (learned from a book called Scale by Geoffrey West)

Welcome Chance 👋👋

Welcome to WIP Chance 👋🚧

Thanks for the warm welcome @Paul and @kimsia. Super excited to be here. Any tips on how to do best leverage WIP? :)

Hey Chance! Given your background (cohort-based learning, etc) I'd be curious to get your feedback on WIP once you are settled in :)

Cheers @marc - I'm always happy to jam on cohort based learning! I'm joining a few in May (I join them to study how they are being run, organized etc. - and to learn their material, of course ;p )