have anyone of you been acknowledged by @elonmusk on Twitter in anyway? Favorite, reply, RT, mention?

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

I haven't, but I did get a reply once from Ricky Gervais 😁

That's totally the same thing xD

last of the young and famous writers -

to be fair the office is pretty good

Not Elon Musk, but John Romero said I'm right:…

It's hard to miss your pinned tweet. In other news, who's John Romero?

who’s... but... Come on Amrith! 😆 Doom, Quake...? He’s one of the creators of id Software, who basically invented first-person shooters.

didn't know :P

Lead Scale Zone 🇫🇷 ➡️ The IBM Startup industrialisation structure!

Not Elon Musk, but Richard Branson once 😊
Made my day!

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