Have any of you moved *from* LemonSqueezy to Stripe or Paddle? How did it go?

Have any of you moved *from* LemonSqueezy to Stripe or Paddle?

How easy is the migration process for subscription payments?

I'm not going to move yet, but I want to know if it's possible without having to ask customers to re-input billing details. 

I noticed Stripe, for example, has some basic docs about migrating customer data and a form to give their support team enough info to perform the migration, but mainly looking to understand how this process actually went from someone who went through it.


Sorry bud, no experience with this.

Hey Ben, no experience but curious why you're looking to move away? I image Paddle will have some kind of white-glove onboarding if you have decent volume on LS.

Not looking just yet, but eventually the fees with LS won't make sense

In that case I'd want to move to either Paddle or Stripe, most likely Stripe

Yeah, I'm not sure if you're paying yourself in USD, but LS is basically no option for me because paying out in anything other than USA is another 3%...

Saw this thread on paddle yesterday, it seems like a good business until you need to get some support:…

I do pay myself in USD so it's OK for me, but yeah, other currencies are $$$$$$$

Yeah I've heard lots of horror stories with Paddle. I also had a tough time with their support in my personal experience - I tried signing up but they wanted like 50 different legal documents to get me onboarded, a refund policy, a privacy policy, etc. Too much of a PITA and too much work just to get a product monetized so I went with LS who didn't ask for any special documents and they've been fine.

The only reason I'd consider them over LS is because their fees are more flat. LS does charge a bit extra on top of their 5% fee for PayPal, subscriptions, etc.

I've done migrations between providers before, but not specifically LS to Stripe/Paddle. I did Mangopay to Stripe.

You at best will be able to transfer customer details, but you will not be able to transfer any saved payment data between providers, so all your customers will need to re-enter their details to remain subscribed.

It's a regulatory restriction with KYC/anti money laundering regulations and PCI DSS compliance for the payment providers.

In order to do this successfully you will need to run both providers at the same time. The smoothest way will be to have all new customers use the new provider, and prompt existing customers to the new provider with both a notification ahead of time and when their subscription needs to renew.