Gym Routine

I either do weight lifting or home workout, depending if there's a gym available where I am. 

My current gym routine is:
- 4x8x benchpress
- 4x8x squats
- 4x8x deadlift
- 4x8x lat pulldown
- 1km-2km running

My home routine is:
- 4x1min planks
- 4x25x push ups
- 4x25x sit ups
- 4x25x squats
- 4x5x pull ups

I try to go every 2 days, but realistically by aiming for that I've been going every 3 days for the past 2 years.

Here's what friends and I do every second day via #svedig…

Nice do you use any weights?

We all have a Bulgarian bag which we use for squats, swings (dunno the real name) and training the lower leg. So no other weights than our body weight :)