Greetings from a dad of 3 gone indie hacker

What are you working on these days? and - many more domains gathering dust but I plan to build more things in the future once the kids grow a bit bigger and finally sleep through the night... 😅

At some point I think I had 200+ domains but then my wife found out... ;o)

What can the WIP community help you with right now?

I'm new to this community just now (thank you ☒ for the invite) so at this stage I wonder how I could start to contribute to this community

What can you help others with?

Programming, UI/UX feedback, idea validation, customer acquisition channels, general advice for building a sustainable and meaningful startup :)

Something else you want to share?

Nothing else comes to my mind - as an underslept dad building a startup while having a day job I find it really hard to be active on all social media platforms (currently trying Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit) - trying my best to contribute everywhere and hope I'll be able to do that here on WIP too :-)

Looking forward to meeting all of you - I'm also on Twitter here if anyone would like to connect there

Nice one Peter, looking forward to seeing your todos' hope WIP helps you with accountability as it does for me.

I find it a lot harder to be active on Twitter or LinkedIn, as for me over here is 100% expontaneous, I post as I do without thinking too much about it, just the small steps I go through every day, I didn't know it would have such a positive impact in me.

Se you around 😀

That's really great to hear that WIP is making a positive impact on you Rod - I'll try to use it as much as I can as well :)

I was waiting for you on WIP! Been following on Twitter for a while now. Looking forward to seeing your tasks done and dusted!

Welcome to the club, Peter! 😁

Welcome Peter, happy to see you here as well! 💪