Free/Cheap alternative to Grammarly?

As a free user, I am now finding Grammarly extremely annoying. 

Is there an alternative for basic spelling that is free or cheap and won't try selling stuff to me? 

Plz help. 

That would be :-)

There's a lot of plugins that make use of this, I have it in my Neovim config as well.

I'd never heard of it. It's a great tool

Have deleted Grammarly and am giving this a go - thank you so much @pcho !

It looks very well integrated. Will give it a try too!

This one. Supports more languages and self-hosting.
Works in many environments and has many integrations for desktop apps as well.

Second this.

I think Grammary is decent (though kinda bloatware-ish) because it stopped working for me since either my account was Russian or it tracked my ip, so it wasn’t working due to “Russia le bad”. I mean, okay, your stance and whatever, but actively suspending my account is a bit too much, I think.

Anyway I’m glad I’ve found out about Language Tool — it’s way better!

Chat GPT maybe

I use ChatGPT a lot - but I like the idea of glaring spelling mistakes being underlined automatically!

If you are using a mac, thinking of using ChatGPT or Claude for grammar fix, check out:
You can select the text and apply grammar fix AI action. you can also create your own custom AI actions(eg: tone change, email formatting etc..)

PS: I'm the developer

Orrrrrrr you can hire a copyeditor 😉

Jk but I did a quick search for you. Have you heard of QuillBot?

So MS Edge now has Copilot built in. Works similarly to Grammarly. Actually good for rewriting but not with spellcheck on place. Not sure if it needs a subscription later, it just pooped on my browser with the latest updates :)

Interesting…. But I prefer Chromium based browsers 😣 For now, LanguageTool is doing the job pretty well 👌

Edge is chromium

What a surprise! I was not aware of that. In that case, I suppose I have a preference for the Arc browser.