Victor Grandchamp


Serial builder, I challenge myself to build 12 micro startups in 12 months (1/12)
Joined January 2023
just finish the screen with the inspiration and tweet part
No coding on bubble, the buildip dashboard or biplify (I don't know what to call it)
working on my 3rd project, platform to connect freelance & startup
I am a non-coder and I programmed a tweet from my bubble application
I struggle with the twitter and bubble api
Setup onboarding
fix drag n drop project link
Book signing in Paris of the book on the no code that I illustrated
go to paris for a signing session of a book I illustrated #indielife
training to generate perfect build in public content #buildip
I forgot to ask for the email address. #failinpublic
work on buildip link - "linktree" for indie maker who build in public #nocode