📧 Email newsletter tool ? SendFox, MailChimp, or another one ?


I'm looking for a tool to get emails from my users. What service do you recommend? 
SendFox is pretty cheap => 49$ for 5K users / 50K emails per months 

If you just need the basic service of sending emails you can go with any popular one like MailChimp, MailJet, SendGrid based on the dev experience.

Otherwise if you need more features you can compare the 2 major things the template handling and metrics APIs.

It depends on how you want to integrate into your product. Let us know may be we can provide some detailed feedback then.

Same here, also used both MailChimp and Sendgrid. It felt like MailChimp (Mandrill when I used it) was not really designed as a client facing services as Sendgrid is.

Using Sendgrid atm but would also be curious about other options.

I use SendFox, it's basics but it's all I need tbh. You can check the form on

Would not recommend sendgrid.

a tool to get emails from my users

Do you mean to your users? I would recommend postmark or mailchimp depending on whether these emails are transactional or marketing