Does anyone in the WIP community use

I'm planning to sign up for their service so if you have a referral link I would be happy to use your one rather than one from a random person on the Internet :)

C'est gentil !

I don't have one sorry, but I had been eying up Indy for the future as some of my friends use that:

Would be great to know one day to know why you prefer dougs once you start using it, or if there's no real change / benefit to one or the other.

Thanks for your message, Lis.

It's interesting that you mentioned I recently experimented with both and by creating demo accounts to test their offerings. Here's some feedback from my experience:

* Unlike, isn't officially recognized by the chartered accountants' body.
* When I posed a unique query on's live chat on three separate occasions, the responses were always generic and lacked follow-up. In contrast, consistently provided precise and relevant answers, although it usually took them 24 hours to respond.
* I'm skeptical about's capability (or even if they have the legal right) to handle businesses generating more than 247k euros in annual revenue.
* I also had the opportunity to schedule a phone call with someone from The conversation was with a knowledgeable accountant and was refreshingly straightforward, with no overt marketing tactics, even though I was using a trial plan with a fictitious account.

I'll keep you posted with more updates about, possibly even sooner if any positive or negative experiences arise! 😊

Laurent, this is amazing - merci bcp.

I have just had to (and continuing) to go through customer service on 15 apps and banks and I will now happily pay significantly more for good service, answers that are not from bots and the ability to speak to a human.

Thank you so much for listing this all out - intrigued to hear how you go over the next few months. Thank you for leading the way so I can make an easy decision when I need to!

@laurent salut - ended up recommended this to a couple of friends who have been using it the last few months with excellent success. They absolutely adore the customer service and how their accounts have been handled. Pretty unusual to hear this amount of good feedback!

Coucou @lis! It's great to hear from you. On my end, and after some months, I've also found the support to be excellent overall, though responses can sometimes be slow. Interactions vary in professionalism, but that's just how it goes sometimes. One area for improvement is their Wise integration, which isn't as useful and robust as their Qonto integration.

Thank you @laurent this is super useful to know - hopefully the Wise integration improves a bit more before I need it but that's good to know too as all my friends use Wise (and N26). So happy it's largely working out though!

I used them to incorporate the company and I am happy so far. What do you want to know exactly? :)

I have just registered my new company and I will create an account on in the next few days. If you have a monthly subscription for their accounting service, I would be happy to use your referral link.