Do you think your product or upcoming idea can make use of a to-do list API?

Sometimes we need the user to do certain things as an action from their side to fix something or acquire something, a checklist of sort.

Would you like if your product can simply create a bunch of to-dos together and just provide an URL to the customer? That way, you don't really have to build a checklist sort of system in place. And its just an API call away.

Eg: 404 links scanner gives you a list of URLs where you need to fix 404s. The customer gets a todoapi.tld/XXXXX on which all the actions they need to take are residing as todos. So they simply start working on it, checking items off.

Yes. This is needed. Currently trying to solve this with

Hey @EbrahimKhalilHassen

How is solving this problem? It looks like it's intended use is to run a e-learning portal. Or you meant to say you need to solve this problem for so that your system can create todos via API for students involved?

Yeah I've always thought an API-first todo system could be very powerful. That said, I'm not sure if starting with an API is best way to get traction. You need a ton of traction (at least in a niche) to get websites to entertain the idea of integrating with your platform.

I'm not sure yet how you'd kickstart it. I can see existing players like Todoist and Trello expand their platforms over time to provide such functionality though.

Hey Marc,

I would say, I don't even want mainstream customers, just makers who require creating todolists for customers to act upon. I would be interested to build this out if there is a handful of people are interested in having this. I do require it for one of my own ideas.