Do you prefer to read ebooks digitally or on paper?

I read mostly on my Kindle nowadays.

Never thought of people printing ebooks to read 😯

Recently got a Kindle and it's serving well.

I've been printing books in the past, it was hard for me to read of screen. But i'm fairly addicted to my Kobo ebook now.

I use both - books and kindle. When I'm travelling I prefer Kindle and when I'm at home, a book.

I prefer physical books since I spend most of my day on a screen. I like to "feel the paper" in my hands too, rather than holding a screen. But I actually never tried a Kindle, I might like it.

I got a Kindle aaand I'm sold on it :)

Kindle Paperwhite ftw.
Pros over physical books - read in low light, bookmarks, highlighting (notes), consistent font so you don't have to adjust yourself to every book, synced progress everywhere, Goodreads integration