Do you get burnout? Will you take my survey?

It’s a quick survey with all questions optional. I’ll share the results once 500 devs reply.

Will you take my State Of Devs survey?

Owner of burnout so definitely happy to have filled out the survey!

Tried my best but had troubling answering some questions due to the way they were worded.

Like "Do you feel you solve a meaningful customer problem?" is worded like a yes or no question, but the answer is formatted radio buttons broken into categories regarding levels of criticality and how often the things occur?

Now I'm not exactly sure if I understood the question you were asking 😅

I hope my feedback is useful!

@marcano, first thanks for filing out the survey. Second, yeah you are right. It is a yes and no question. It also asking how you see/categorize the problem you solve too.

I called myself combining questions to shorten the survey. Next, year I make sure to get a real pro copywriter to help me 😂

Was there any other questions that stick out for you? I can add helper text to them.

You're welcome — I imagine it's hard trying to be thourough and concise at the same time!

There were a couple questions that took me a bit longer for the same reason. I'd have to start the survey again to find them.

If you find a good copywriter send them my way for more business 😂

😂 Will do! Dude, I swear copywriting is a tech stack in itself. I never thought there would be a day I do more bug fixes with copy than code. Lawd Jeezus!

After I take my 50th nap today, I should be well rested to tackle those pesky Qs tomorrow.