Dating app for hip hop fans. Here's our genius marketing strategy. Critique please!

Firstly a bit of context. 5 months ago I made a dating site for Kanye West fans ( Went viral and got: 14k Email List, 6k Instagram, 5k Users

But cause it was a website and I was average at coding the site struggled to actually add value and people lost interest. But clearly there was demand. So now working with a fantastic venture studio ( we are reigniting the flame as . A dating APP for hip hop fans. Worked with some pro devs. The app is top draw. We just need to get the marketing right. Here's our plan.

1) Build Instagram. We've been doing giveaways to grow followers. Giving away every Kanye album in vinyl tomorrow night.

2) Got someone starting a podcast. Half hip hop. Half Relationships. Guests are indie hip hop artists. Called 808's & Heartbreak (lol)

3) You Tube Channel. Got a funny promo video coming tonight. Will post more funny content.

4) Paying Instagram influencers. There's tonnes of hip hop fan Instagram accounts. We're paying for promos. Just $25 each for them to post on their page about the app.

5) Promos with you tubers. Got two you tubers lined up. 700k subs combined. There going to do some funny skits about the app on their channel.

6) Press. Got some funny headlines floating around. Will email / talk to all press. I got this covered.

What are we missing? Personally I think giving away equity to a hip hop influencer / rapper and having them promote continuously is what we're lacking. Appreciate any advice. Hope you learnt something. Thanks!

You want critique? Here you go: I'm not convinced a shared passion for the same musical genre is that relevant in dating. At least for me. I mean I like hip hop, but I don't really care if my date does too.

I do think there's room for more niche dating apps. Especially if it's something different from the same old swipe-and-chat model. Like if you could somehow incorporate the creativity of rap lyrics into the app, and possibly scare away anyone that doesn't appreciate that creativity, that might be interesting.

For example: your bio has to be a line, and the other person's opening message is supposed to rhyme with that. And maybe instead of regular chat, you co-write some lyrics. (I find that type of creative interaction in current dating apps much more enjoyable than regular chit chat, but it's not for everyone).