Could we trade skills better: WIP Jobs?

Currently we have loads of designers / developers but also people with niche skills (logo makers, seo experts, illustrators...)

as well as helping people with motivation / advice surely makers could help each other with skills which they lack.

could a wip jobs telegram group be cooked up?

a) part time work would keep money coming in but also allow people to focus on their projects. b) there is a bond of trust between members.

An example post I imagine would be : "I need illustrations for my website. Willing to pay $25 /hr. anyone interested? "

[👏] this answer if you're (seriously) looking to hire someone (have the budget, etc)

[👏] this answer if you have a marketable talent and interested in paid gigs (freelance, contracting, etc)

The viability for a talent market like this really comes down to having enough supply and demand. I think WIP is still a little small to offer a meaningfully differentiated product (versus existing marketplaces), but I'm interested to see how much interest there is within the current community.

For anyone looking to hire or looking for a job I suggest just posting it in the main group. Once that becomes common we can spin it off into its own group or website feature.