Common features for a SaaS starter kit?

I'm working on the next phase of my Toybox project and would like some feedback.

In the spirit of the project's aims for being as self-contained as possible, as well as 80/20 versions of features, I'm building commonly built SaaS features into the starter kit

Think testimonials, feedback, support ticketing, documentation, and so on.

There are brilliant indie hacker built tools out there for such features. However, by having these features built in on my project, founders can also save on business costs while still having a usable MVP version of that feature.

Another such feature on the list is a billing structure, but it's hard to make a great generic version of that, as often there are payment provider-specific considerations.

Are there any other features you can think of that would make sense to build and include in my starter kit?

A few others I've seen:

  • admin dashboard
  • roadmap
  • chatbot
  • openAI integration

Btw let me know when you launch! Will add to my SaaS Starters directory (

Will do!

Technically did launch last year but will submit once I've gotten the next phase done :)

I already have the admin dashboard done (Laravel is really spoiled with tools like Nova and Filament).

Roadmap is a good one! OpenAI integration as well I've been thinking on doing, there's packages for it, but not sure what to add beyond just the default installation.

Re: openai integration, how about pre built modules for popular ai tasks like image generation (dalle), chat with pdf/doc (gpt4), speech to text (whisper), etc

Adding to that:
- Login/Logout
- Account settings (super important imho)
- privacy page
- cookie banner

Missed this comment!

Yeah, Laravel already gives auth & account settings for free with Jetstream, Breeze or Fortify packages ;)

Got T&Cs and Privacy pages, have added cookie banner over the weekend.

Yes, sometimes bundling makes sense. For myself I added blogging to my Business Class kit.