CheckYourList | Stop forgetting things with repeatable checklists.

Hi Guys,

I recently launched this app as a way to help people stop forgetting items and important tasks. I would love to hear any feedback anyone has on either the marketing site: or the app itself 

Especially around the marketing message that is conveyed, as I am getting ready to post this app to product hunt, although I may wait till I have gotten some user feedback first.

I was following your updates and saw some screenshots before. My impression was: "I already have Reminders app, where can I use this?" I had the same question today after seeing the marketing website.

Then I noticed something just before leaving a comment here. This is different -> "Make repeating checklists". I totally missed that. Now I see how it would be useful. Since that's the unique feature, may be try highlighting it or use it in the title?

One more pattern I noticed on great landing pages are to highlight and repeat the pain points. What was the pain point which made you build this? You could use that same reason in the landing page. Someone else might also have the same.

Thank you so much for your feedback, it's right on point about what my landing page was missing. I'm changing a lot of the content now :)