Can you re-assign a product to someone else?

Unfortunately no. Unless @marckohlbrugge can do it in the database. Multi-maker products would be great as well!

Ok cool. I'm doing occasional stuff on projects on someone else's "brand". I'd like to set it up as a "product" whilst I tick some boxes now and then, but don't want to hijack the brand if they come on the WIP platform. So yeah being able to hand it over later would be handy.

Yes, I can re-assign a product to a different user if needed, but there are some caveats:

  • The associated todo's would remain linked to the original maker
  • Those todo's would no longer be linked to the product (i.e. the hashtag would not be a link anymore)
  • The product page would essential be empty
  • Things might break unexpectedly, but I'd fix these.

That said, I do plan on adding support for multi-maker products in the not-to-distant future which would alleviate most, if not all of these problems.

So I wouldn't worry about hijacking your client's brand.

Good to know. For eg imagine I was working on some stuff for Microsoft, I wouldn't want to look like I'm passing myself off as Bill Gates or even an ambassador - I just want to coherently track what I'm doing.

Thanks for the explanation. The todo's etc breaking I don't care about, just being a perma-avatar for a brand that doesn't recognise me is what I wanted to clear up.