Can I use the WIP API to authenticate WIP Members?

You can ask people for their (secret) API key and then use the GraphQL API to identify which user it is. It also allows you to list their todo's, create new ones, etc.

What's your goal?

I am considering adding OAuth support so users can just click a button to authenticate themselves and authorize your app to make changes to their account. However, I expect it to be a time-consuming feature so I need to make sure there's enough desire for this.

Like I just want to view the data (for now at least). I noticed I can do all that with just my api key. Look I'm Marc here. :P

But yeah. I'll figure something out fo now at least. :)

Thanks Marc.

PS: How about the ability to post / link images in the forum? :)

You can use markdown for links and images :)


So I can connect my todoapp to WIP? Everything that I mark as done can then be published here?
A API so I can publish my /done stuff to another website would be great though.

At the moment I list all my WIP projects through the API.. Updates automatically. :)

Cool. Working on a thing that also pulls info from here. But it will be my first API call project, so I still have a lot of time to spend on Stackoverflow and YouTube to get things working.

Will you be able to also pull the /done's to that page of yourself?