Are you on level 1 (making a product), level 2 (level 1 + that solves a problem) or level 3 (level 2 + that people pay for)?

Obviously, there are WIPers here with different levels of experience and intentions. This can mean that some can feel a certain disconnect to others. In order to create a connection again I have an idea and question. Because you're a WIP participant it's likely that you are making a product. I'm therefore assuming you're on one of the following 3 levels: 1) making a product for yourself (education, experience, etc.) 2) making a product that solves a problem 3) making a product that solves a problem and that people pay for (as a validation that your product actually solves problems that others also have). So, in order to connect each other I wonder (inspired by @nienkedekker) who at WIP is on level 1, 2 or 3. If most (or ideally all of you) answered, we could connect level 1 with level 1 or or level 1 or 2 with a respective higher level. Looking forward for 794-1 answers 😉

Definitely a 1 here, hoping to grow to a 2 or 3 later in time. I'm very happy with my 9-to-5 job, and I currently I have no wish to spend time on developing a profitable product (I'm not even sure I could if I wanted to!).

Level 1.
Hopefully I graduate soon.

Level 2.

I did extensive user testing on it before creating it, and so I got feedback about if it would be helpful and how to make it better for others. A bunch of people said they'd pay for it without prompting.... which isn't validated yet, but I am hopeful. ^_^

But I'd say level 2 is validated with the feedback I've gotten for the beta release.

Level 3 now with #writeas, though it really started as a way for me to learn new things. Otherwise I'm at level 2 for pretty much all other products right now -- some will probably be there forever, and others are heading for level 3.

Personally I tend to combine level 1 and 2 -- there's always something to learn, and I figure if I build something that solves one of my problems, it probably solves someone else's, too (#makemediumreadable is a recent example).

Been playing in the level 1 sandbox with #levelsmap and #partialpress during the last month. Attempting to skip a stage (yeah right;) and go straight for level 3 with my upcoming project #rejecty — although if I just manage to crack level 2 I'll be completely and thoroughly over the moon!

Level 3 for #redirecto

Level 2 for #httpscop #alertyo #wpstackpro and more those are in pipeline.

If infoproducts count, then I'm level 3. If not, then I'm level 0.

Level 1 for the project #weekdaykickoff which I started to solve a pain/problem I personally have - though I've received feedback that such a product would be relevant to others as well. However, my main attention (in terms of income) is on client work (#copygiraffe #stolenvoice) which is why I'm taking the slow and steady road towards a level 2.