Anyone else running Firebase?

I am doing my first project on Firebase backend. It seems cool enough. Although, on the other hand PostgreSQL is so darn powerful. Anyway, does anyone know how I could set up firebase so I can get notifications when new users sign up? Also curious to hear any tips and tricks for using Firebase successfully.

hey Jussi,
right now i'm building a product with firebase and it's really good.
to get a notification whenever a user signs up you need to setup a simple cloud firebase function.
just search for cloud firestore function triggers, this will help you to handle every db event.

Thanks for replying! I will look into that cloud function.

I used to use it a lot but got a bit tired of it and the direction google is taking it right now seems cool as well

Maybe can help you as well. Feel free to contact me.

Maybe I'm too late, but I use firebase Realtime DB and Storage for
If you have questions