Any ideas to grow Caption Cat's audience? #captioncat

I launched Caption Cat a few weeks ago as an experiment.

Since then I've been posting new photos daily, but the number of user-contributed captions and upvotes is declining. There's still a core of users contributing almost daily, but it's less fun if there's too few people left to see it.

I'm curious to hear your ideas specifically for growing the audience.

Some suggestions:
  • Specific places to promote Caption Cat
  • Any untapped audiences I haven't thought of yet
  • Ideas for different use cases besides memes
  • Focus on specific niche (to help marketing)
  • Feature ideas that help organic growth (e.g. instead of daily photos, allow users to photos too?)

I took a look at the site.

One thing I noticed in terms of the Advertising page is that you don't provide any traffic numbers which are usually important for any advertisers that's willing to spend $. They need to understand the CAC.

In terms of users, it seems it has the same problem as twitter in which most of the people visiting the product are observers vs. contributors. I think that's an overall problem for user-generated content but in this case it's even harder since it's only the captions and not the actual images that are generated by the user. There has to be some sort of underlying benefit for users but so far it's simply entertainment. The great thing about WIP is the fact that people actually follow their todo's from the platform and can share knowledge and gather feedback for their products. Perhaps, you need to find that same underlying factor that pulls people in.

I think your suggestion of letting users add their own photos make sense and a potential good start. Think about it from the imgur or instagram perspective, people add pictures to share their experiences, or to get that short term gratification of likes, etc. Perhaps something like that could help increase engagement? But then again not sure what your goal is with the platform.

Hope this helps. I'll keep thinking about other ideas!

I am not sure but this would make more sense to be a mobile app rather than website?

Hey Marc,

I think you could grow Caption Cat audience on Twitter.

My suggestions:
- Ask to auto follow Caption Cat twitter account when people sign up.
- Add a checkbox under the caption input for instant sharing
- Share the best caption of the day on twitter (IMG + CAPTION (optional: + @ the twitter handle)
- Reply with the Caption Cat post url when the source article is tweeted (ex:… - "Hey, add your caption here 👉 caption cat post url ")