Any developers and devops willing to be mentors for ? LMK

As I mentioned through Twitter DM, I think straight up asking for someone to be mentor is a lot to ask. I almost feel like there's this common misconception about what "mentors" are. When people say "you need to find mentor" or "he/she was my mentor", that makes it sound like there was this clearly defined and named mentor/mentee relationship.

In my experience that's usually not how it starts out. Over time a more experienced person might end up helping a less experienced person quite a bit, but only retroactively is it considered "mentorship" (if at all).

My suggestion would be to ask the questions you'd ask a mentor. For example here on WIP. And if you show your gratitude for those answers and use them to take your product forward, I think people will be inclined to keep helping you. Essentially turning them into a mentor.