Advice for a job interview as a Jr Developer?

I've some experience with coding on my own, my last side-project was featured in product hunt as the #2 product of the day. But I don't have any professional experience related to code.

Previously I worked with automotive and aerospace companies as an industrial engineer, doing some basic stuff in SQL but not a real challenge.

I have a job interview next Tuesday, and I would like to have some guiding before I launch myself into the interview* lol

I have zero interviewing experience as an applicant, but I've hired some freelance developers before. So take my feedback with some grain of salt.

I imagine they will try to understand the following things:

  • Do you have the relevant technical skills? Whether you coded your own thing or within a business doesn't matter for this part. Expect them to ask about your decision making. Why this framework over another. What trade-offs did you make and why. Etc.
  • Are you able to pick up new technologies and ways of working? What are some of the recent things you've learned?
  • Do you work well with others? You mentioned not having coded "professionally", but only your own products. Have you worked with other people in another capacity? Can you share some examples and possibly any conflicts and how you resolved them?
  • Related to the above: Are you able to clearly communicate technical stuff? What about talking to non-technical people?

I also suggest reading up on the company, which technologies they use, and maybe check some of the LinkedIn profiles of employees to see how they describe their roles within the company. That might give you some more things to research.

Thanks Marc. I passed my first interview today.

Tomorrow I will have the final interview. 🙈

Focus on Object oriented concepts and keep good understanding of basics things in one of the programming language

Yes. I’m studying more theory and function names. Mostly because I know some stuff in practice but not in “theory”, and I was asked a lot of stuff that I didn’t know what it was until I saw the code. 🤣