👨🏻‍💻 🎶 ⚛️ code & music. learning web3 and learning to live
Joined November 2021
worked 4 hours improving the template and creating the first draft for my first client! #txt2site
2 health checks done! #life
header menu now includes cute links to socials, animated, trying to catch a bit more attention #txt2site
continued working on the #txt2site idea, and i made a landing page for Ben's Bites (the popular AI newsletter) — took me ~40 minutes txt2site.com/bens-bites
today is started getting some feedback on the ai-landing pages i'm making. feels good. so fkn exciting!! and @taishi liked my tribute to PenelopeAI !! Yay! txt2site.com/penelopeai.com #txt2site
decided to soft-launch #txt2site as a portfolio of unexisting landing pages at thislandingpagedoesnotexist.c… — I made 5 landing pages in 3 days. The React template is being fine-tuned all the time. So far it's really really fun. The bottleneck is midjourney. I'll continue improving!
started working on new idea: using GPT + Midjourney to go from an idea to a full landing page #txt2site #idea2landing
lots of anger in everyone around this morning. wtf? i managed to control the situation. feels like the biggest win in a while.
rewrote the whole faucet in a day. web3 integration one year ago was so tedious
reconverted old Rinkeby faucet + adapted for Goerli
shared my thoughts & fears on the experiments with GPT-3 on twitter. almost had a heart attack: takes time to not being afraid of sharing thoughts in public
🌮 Taco Thursday #life
i made a GPT-3 therapist... to have someone to talk to, rather than go to therapy🤣😅, and it was just a front-end practice experiment for me, but I'm very impressed/scared with the results
rented a car 🚗 and drove 5 hrs to my hometown while listening to naval, sahil, de mello, and singing out lout because no one can hear me. that's happiness to me
i decided to buy tailwindui to build&ship faster. it's 300 euros so I better force myself to find reasons to use it a lot!
compiling progress done into spreadsheets, getting ready to present lots of new stuff
finished all the boring tasks i've been avoiding all week. feels good
played around with python removing backgrounds from images
taking over a project where the codebase is very different. feels like lifting weights with the brain: discovering how others thought for so long 🤯
integrated useWinter to buy NFTs with Credit Cards