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Joined November 2021
rented a car 🚗 and drove 5 hrs to my hometown while listening to naval, sahil, de mello, and singing out lout because no one can hear me. that's happiness to me
i decided to buy tailwindui to build&ship faster. it's 300 euros so I better force myself to find reasons to use it a lot!
compiling progress done into spreadsheets, getting ready to present lots of new stuff
finished all the boring tasks i've been avoiding all week. feels good
played around with python removing backgrounds from images
taking over a project where the codebase is very different. feels like lifting weights with the brain: discovering how others thought for so long 🤯
integrated useWinter to buy NFTs with Credit Cards
made a contact form validation cooler faster than ever before, thanks to copilot 🤣
learning how to use storybook (after years avoiding it)
install the Sesh Bot to create events on Discord with easy to use remiders for everyone
it's exciting to see Marc's profile on WhoEthDis: whoethdis.com/ens/marckohlbru…
i made whoEthDis.com in 3 days, not sure if anyone will like it but i had a lot of fun practicing front-end things. hope u like it!
learning cool animations and responsive design with css, no need for other libraries
My friend Justus became part of the MightyMint team. It feels like a dream to be able to work with friends ✨
finishing the tasks for the reveal of the WoC NFT project tomorrow
Yesterday I presented my project at a DeveloperDAO event. it went better than I could imagine. Here's the recording in case it can inspire you 💙 www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAkYg…
made a 90-sec full tour video with Rotato www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENHic…
created 2 specific milestones for this week
fixed spotunify.com - it was broken for a month from a supabase issue
learning more about tokenomics, reading a lot