Visualize your ideas with complete ai-made Landing Pages!
worked 4 hours improving the template and creating the first draft for my first client! #txt2site
header menu now includes cute links to socials, animated, trying to catch a bit more attention #txt2site
continued working on the #txt2site idea, and i made a landing page for Ben's Bites (the popular AI newsletter) — took me ~40 minutes txt2site.com/bens-bites
today is started getting some feedback on the ai-landing pages i'm making. feels good. so fkn exciting!! and @taishi liked my tribute to PenelopeAI !! Yay! txt2site.com/penelopeai.com #txt2site
decided to soft-launch #txt2site as a portfolio of unexisting landing pages at thislandingpagedoesnotexist.c… — I made 5 landing pages in 3 days. The React template is being fine-tuned all the time. So far it's really really fun. The bottleneck is midjourney. I'll continue improving!
started working on new idea: using GPT + Midjourney to go from an idea to a full landing page #txt2site #idea2landing