Jason Leow

Jason Leow


Indie hacker | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services to $10k monthly revenue. 🔌 ✍️ 🏛 📋
Joined November 2022
Josef Strzibny
Software engineer and an indie hacker. I sold 1000x copies of Deployment from Scratch.
Zack Gilbert
Work from home dad. Fractional CTO by day. Building custom @bullettrainco and Rails tools for small operator-owned businesses. Prev: @abledotcom @foursquare
Geert Jan Sloos
Writer and building apps.
Stefan Meyer
Building your AI Codebase Companion 🪄
Rafal Zawadzki
ex-CTO, now indie ⚡️ (chat with files & APIs) 🏄 (chatgpt plugins) ✨ (AI agents) 👨‍💻
Philipp Keller
🔥 61
Build. Succeed and fail. Be open about both. Startups: backlink building ⏳ shared flat search for Switzerland 🏡
Alfred Nerstu
Independent designer building in public
Cat Stickler
🔥 1
Storyteller growing brands & communities for good. Strategist, writer, anthropologist. Feral Trekkie. 🖖
David Rodriguez
Building micro boring businesses
Jonno Riekwel
🔥 7
Founder, designer, developer, father. Rotterdam 🇳🇱 → 🇳🇿.
Nilan Saha
Founder / CTO by Day and Indiehacker by Night
Luca Restagno
🔥 1
Indie hacker on the road to freedom. Building in public — Next.js Startup Kit — AI Chatbots for your website
Imran Khan
Building I teach coding and build cool products Learn 👉 Hire me 👉
Sandra Vu
UI/UX Designer who helps startups raise $80 million total in funding. Now on a mission to help small team to get the highest quality design and more users
🔥 1
🌟 Likes to design & develop UIs, but also likes pizza 🍕. 💻🛠️ building,,,,
Luke Hollis
🏛️ - digital art/heritage tours 🌐 - 360-video-to-virtual-tour 👨🏻‍⚕️ - AI doctor progress notes
Daniel Nguyen
🔥 24
Mac Martine
Ilya Kovalenko
Psychotherapy Science student working on journaling app
Fajar Siddiq
🌶 1278
✨ 💜 🗯️ 📈 ✍️