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Hey @reymon359
What do you want more badly in this launch?
People using it or making more money immedialtely?

Free will always get more people signing up, but most would be just curious.
If you ask for upfront payment, most of curious folks will skip and the ones who sign up will be more interested and engaged with you solution.

So I think it depends a lot on your main objective with the launch.

Hey @hugopenna

As we want more users atm we will implement the free one at least for now.

Maybe in the future move to the second one.

Thanks for your insight!

I started to try out the deep work approach, so every morning I go to work on my projects, without any new input, so no WhatsApp, no telegram, no social media, just a cup of coffee and go to code and work on my side projects for 1-2h.

This has worked a lot, currently I'm on a streak of 13 days coding.

Other habits that I'm still struggling to keep up.
- No screens after 8pm
- walk with my dogs for 30 min
- read for at least 30 min

For 2023 I'm planning to:
- workout 3-4x a week
- make some money online with my projects
- shape up the habits that I'm struggling

I'm new here and I like the hardcore approach, it's like trying to go to workout every day and counting your best streaks trying to get a better one in the next attempt.

One thing about the alternative, is the streaks rank would become waaay more difficult for beginners as old members won't reset when failed.

Maybe you can reset streak after 2 days without todos completed or also have a shipping consistency metric.

I'm in Indie Hackers BR Telegram group, and some tech related groups, mostly python local communities. Big telegram groups tend to be just spam, so I dropped from all those.