Free trial or Refund the first days?

Hey there πŸ‘‹

I am planning to add a pre-launch subscription plan to and give the waiting list users a discount.

I am debating between offering a Free trial or a Full refund for the first days of the subscription.

Which option is better? And how many days should I offer a Free trial/Full refund? πŸ€”

Thanks in advance πŸ˜„

Tweet Hunter uses a 7-day free trial + 30 money back guarantee. 7-14 days is more than fair.

Do you expect to have a free tier at some point? For your type of product I'd probably envision wanting for users to use the tool and see the long term benefits of it; so I would want them to try it for as long as they need, to hopefully convert them at some point. I'd obviously limit the features for the free plan (e.g. No AI responses, 5 latest engagements are visible, 3 updates per week)

For example, WIP uses a max of 3 projects on the free plan. Once you get going, you pay if you want to use more than 3.

Hey Alejandro thanks for your feedback. As it is a pre launch subscription we didn't think about a free plan for now, but will consider it in the future πŸ˜„

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