What do you use for upcoming page for your product to capture emails?

I used to use PH's Ship, but it doesn't seem to be a thing anymore, and I don't want to use something that's gonna take a cut of the revenue like gumroad, and I need to have access to the emails. What tool would you recommend?

If people are interested, can they send you an email? Or are you targeting non b2b?

I'm targeting B2C rn, so looking into Gumroad and alternatives. I think I might just go with gumroad for now, and then build a custom landing page later on

Gumroad isn't a good idea unless you only want to sell a PDF or something. It takes about a year to get visibility on Google so you lose out on the SEO if you use GR.

I'm speedy with WordPress so I quickly boot up a landing page using Elementor (page builder). I use Gravity (plugin) to build the form. I recently built a plugin (see my github at to copy gravity emails to FluentCRM (mailchimp replacement) that also sits on my site. All of this takes me about 1 hour + tweaking going from registering the domain to having the site live and done.

I did this with one of my projects and the site has 156 emails so far - 95% organic traffic - after 1 year.

It takes more time, but put in the effort to create email capture that sits on your own domain name.

From easy to difficult:

  1. Register domain, build a static page, add link to Google Forms
  2. - get Pro for custom domain - $19/year
  3. Mailchimp script + [whatever you want to use to build a static page]
  4. My WordPress suggestion above

There are tonnes of email list builder apps out there: ActiveCampaign, Beehiiv, Brevo, Buttondown, ConvertKit, EmailOctopus, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendFox, SendGrid, Sendy, FluentCRM. Use whichever you like.

I just use Convert Kit since I do all my email marketing with them.

If you're planning on setting up automated sequences (which you should because it's just more revenue for you), then I recommend choosing something like CK so you can avoid having a Zapier payment.

Plus, I have a membership community through Mighty Networks and CK + MN just teamed up to have a near-native integration! If you have community as part of whatever you're setting up (and community does really well for B2C brands), that's something to keep in mind.

It'd be really helpful to see your full tech stack and know your goals, though.

  • What tools are you using/do you need?
  • What are your overall goals and strategy? (What are you selling, to whom, how, and where are you leading them after the sale - i.e. do you have an upsell after?)

I create a landing page with a link to an Airtable form, there I collect the emails

What do you use? DIY or some app?

Mostly DIY, based in a template

Neat. is also making a lot of noise lately. Sam Ovens is a goat and he just brought on Hormozi.

If it's just a landing page to capture emails I would check out MailChimp and sendfox
Both as email marketing software that have built-in landing page for free.

I keep forgetting that Mailchimp and many others have landing pages.

Second Carrd - you can hook it up to Stripe for payments by default IIRC, else some custom embed with another provider will work just fine.

In the past couple of years for multiple client tests, projects etc etc for landing pages I've used:
Notion + Tally form (
Framer + Formspark form (
Mailchimp and Email Octopus (
Webflow (if their main site was already here)
Wordpress (with Elementor)
Squarespace (if their site was already there)

Link in bio sites like

Love this list! I recognize them all except for formspark and biosites. I'm guessing you are a builder nerd like me lol.

Thank you! I do tend to build and test a lot of things!

P.S. I love Formspark because it's tiny and does the job in any environment at a low price. Increasingly a bigger and bigger fan of excellent simplicity :)

Neat. I just looked at FS. Good to know. I use Gravity forms a lot (lifetime license) and more recently playing with FluentCRM. Both are WordPress. I made some code to have entries from GF go to Fluent (Fluent wants me to buy a license lol)

Prior to building #simpleotp :
I just built a landing page in Carrd in 5 minutes then used a form (builtin) to send emails to my inbox whenever someone clicked sign up. I then filtered the emails later.

After building #simpleotp :
I still use Carrd for the landing page but now add a redirect to the simpleotp email signup component (which I just copy paste from the docs)

The benefit here is that users get a user profile created for them so once I’m ready to launch the app I can just send them to the login ui again and they’ll be granted access to the app with the same profile they used to sign up for the waitlist with. It’s not a huge benefit but it’s nice to not have to search through my email inbox to find waitlist signups, I can just query the user DB with a given site ID with created at before launch day, and find all the users who signed up pre launch

I use #openformstack for waitlist form and once product is ready, I usually export to Loops and send a bulk email - the pro plan comes with 10 domains so there's always a slot left to use for a new project :-)