IP Sync


Get notified when important static IPs change
Launched September 18, 2023
First sale of one of my own software products! Best $25 I’ve ever made #ipsync !private
Realize that sysadmins will probably just cron job their way to victory instead of using #ipsync !private
Launch on Product Hunt and schedule a bunch of other social media posts: www.producthunt.com/posts/ip-… #ipsync !private
Enable pre-orders for ipsync.link #ipsync
Changed "get notified" to "start now" and improved the screenshot quality on the landing page for ipsync.link #ipsync
Make custom logo in GIMP for #ipsync and add to landing page ipsync.link
Switch ipsync.link to a light color theme just to try it out #ipsync
Fix mobile formatting issues on landing page #ipsync !private
Build working MVP for ipsync.link #ipsync !private