🚀 1st French podcast helps you get started with project
Launched September 22, 2019
still trying to fix podcast redirection mess #indiemakers
Release new #indiemakers website to stop maintain the old one
Release new #indiemakers website to stop maintain the old one
transfer website #indiemakers to podcastpage
upgrade onboarding #indiemakers
Check le classement du bot #indiemakers
test3 #indiemakers
test #indiemakers
change the order on mobile of the join button, it is now at the very top #indiemakers
fix the domain name problem, 150 euro in the wind for a broken auto renew #indiemakers
appear in the Supabase newsletter thanks to my PR for the LinkedIn connection with a mention of the indie makers podcast #indiemakers
First version of the doc on notion with Fruition site #indiemakers
call with <@! 889792794586148864>, it starts from indy, someone else will pick up the topic, not sure it goes anywhere. But claire is staying with us in the community, because she's cool, and maybe going to go solo! #indiemakers
revenue month bug fix for <@! 647294330494517259> #indiemakers
optimization of the sending of messages from the discord bot. Now he knows how to make batches of 2000 carateres messages #indiemakers
podcast recorded with <@ 826746931845398528> #indiemakers
interviews with Amine from maker side, we are planning a crossover podcast in January, great discussion #indiemakers
increase in ahref score from 6% to 14% 👊 #indiemakers
followed by monica Lent's SEO course for dev and page optimization #indiemakers
transfer of the hosting of the bot from heroku to digital ocean with the other projects. Economy #indiemakers