Django Packages


Django Packages is a directory of reusable apps, sites, tool
more #djangopackages server testing. Updated Caddy to load balance over the two droplets
tested new #djangopackages server and it might be ready to start sending production data to it tonight
built up a new server for #djangopackages and testing it overnight. I have cronjobs running on it as a trial
debating moving #djangopackages to a new droplet or provider since having some DO issues
fixed #djangopackages after it went down and none my alerts worked.
did some data analysis on #djangopackages to catch grids that are not used or should be considered retired based on how outdated their categories are
#djangopackages updates including some footer, faq, and DO affiliate info updates
updated #djangopackages finances
merged in a pre-commit change and worked on some stats updates for #djangopackages
merged in some #djangopackages devcontainer changes which are 💯
#djangopackages more upgrades
⬆️ upgraded python from 3.8 to 3.9 and other requirements #djangopackages
switched #djangopackages docs over to mkdocs
shipped some grid description formatting changes and some other template updates #djangopackages
shipped new opengraph images for #djangopackages
💬 opened up some conversations about #djangopackages readiness scores and asked for feedback
🚀 deployed the readiness checks #djangopackages
🔨 built out a Django, Python, and Wagtail readiness feature and PR'ed it #djangopackages
worked on #djangopackages docs
#djangopackages cleanup work