Would you guys keep a journal/blog about your projects?

I am thinking to build a little blogging platform focused on the entrepreneurs, to give us a tool where dump our thoughts/process while shipping our projects.

I think it could be valuable for the entrepreneurs themselves, and for the readers that could find inspirations, learn about different approaches and follow the joy and struggles of the ride!

Need some honest feedback of WIP about this though. Do you see value in it?

This is a good idea but it kinda already exists over at

If I am not wrong, you can go there when you have an already launched/profitable project. I don't see a way to start a new "product" if I go here:

I would love to see the story behind it along the way, not as an afterthought (so, biased). What I am thinking about is a lot more like the Twitter's feed (without limitations). One could post video logs if he does take them, simple one-liners thoughts, more articulated posts, etc...

With features focused to highlight a project, build audience etc... would be cool even for other entrepreneurial adventures like physical shops and all kind of "side hustles".

I would expect this to be a part of WIP instead of something standalone.

Yeah, it could belong to here very well.

I've actually been working on something like this đź‘€

I think it's a good idea - I already try and dump my ideas, leassons learned etc - though not public - and it's been great so far..almost therapeutic.

Yes! Indiehackers is an awesome community, imho, but most of the interviews there are with established makers. As someone who is just starting out, I am honestly more interested in "the process"; that's what brought me to #wip in the first place. So many great insights (and problems, and pains, and celebrations) are lost after you've "made it", whatever that means.