Would you be interested in a changelog widget for your product, based on your completed todos?

With a widget like the one.

Yes, could be a really good product

I would be interested in having such a widget. I actually built a few years ago for this purpose, but the problem was that I found it too much work to keep it updated.

Basing the changelog on completed todo's would alleviate that problem, but then I'm not sure how interesting those would be to my users. They might be too granular.

We do have the concept of "Product Updates" on WIP, which might be a better fit, but they suffer from the same problem as did. (Too much work to keep updated.)

Yes, update a changelog is time consuming, it's why I thought about using the wip data.

I agree about granularity and I wonder as @mxmzb if todos titles are relevant to end-users.

Maybe it is not a solution. Or maybe a widget showing the number of updates is more relevant. I like to know when I use or discover a product if it is under active development.

i think this would be outside the scope. also it would (i guess?) enforce people to write their todos more formal and not from the "i" perspective. and then again, you would have to implement some way to choose which todos you'd like to include in the changelog (surely not all, right?). i really feel like it would go against the current and good use of wip...

Yeah the underlying issue is that WIP is focused on sharing your progress with fellow makers, whereas a changelog is generally something you write for your customers. So while they might look similar, the ultimately serve a very different goal and require a different type of content.

Now for some users and products it might still work. If you happen to write nice, readable todo's and/or have a customer-base of makers. But those are the exceptions.