WIP and Alfred

I am using alfred a lot. And I am using a lot. So why not merge these two together?

WIPfred is an alfred workflow to manage your todos.
Right now you can create todos and mark them as done.

After the first MVP earlier today I reworked the command interface. 
Switching from multiple keywords to multiple commands.

The first version, worked quite simple. You type in 
wip my todo

And wipfred will filter your pending todos based on your search string. And after selecting one and pressing enter, it would mark it as done.

However creating todos would be crutial too. 
Creating todos was made possible over a second keyword.

wipc my todo #product

And setting your private api key over

wsk apikeyhere

This was the most simple way to do it. However as some people in the chat mentioned, it would be good to stick more to the telegram command structure.


So I reworked the commands.
Now if you type in


you get a list of available commands. And can select one of them. Or access them directly over

- wip todo
- wip done
- wip key

There is still some work to do. For example typing "wip todo my todo for #project"  is not possible right now. You always have to confirm your first argument (i.E. todo) to get into the sub-workflow.

The commands also are not identical because in telegram you can @wipbot to get a list of your pending todos. Which is here wip done. 

In telegram /done will create and mark an todo as done.  I am still thinking how to implement this.

Feel free to test wipfred out and leave some feedback! ;)
As its open source, you can also submit Pull Requests!

This is great, Jakub! I use Alfred dozens of times a day and this is the most polished workflow I've seen, yet. Excited to use this!