Which video hosting would you choose to bootstrap a MOOC website: Vimeo Pro/Wistia or a CDN like Fastly?

From what I've heard, Vimeo Pro might be the better option as far as pricing goes, and I know the player allows for viewing speed adjustment.

Vimeo pro is a great starting point, you can even promote your work using the ‘series/film’ category so maybe you can sell your mooc courses as well in Vimeo or build a community. Everything is valid when you’re bootstrapping a product.

I remember that YouTube have an option to sell video content on their platform too and is not a terrible idea to grow a community on YouTube with free mooc courses. After all is free ;)

If you listen to with Wes Bos there's an episode (I don't remember which) where they go over what they use for video hosting and why they chose it. Probably be a good listen and it's a great podcast anyways.

Yeah thanks! I love Wes Bos! If I remember well he's using Vimeo as well.