Which service to receive email at multiple domains?

What do you guys use for email?

For each project I need to setup an email like [email protected] and like many makers I have many domains :D

So I would like to send/receive from all these emails, if possible from a single inbox, with labels.

If possible, not Google because they can randomly cut you out an then you lose everything.

Fastmail looks cool any feedback or other recommendations?

i saw someone recommend zoho

Finally went with fastmail, so far so good

I recently found Migadu, afaik you can connect as many domains as you want and set up email forwarding

Migadu looks very cool! Love that you can setup multiple domains to the same account.

Generally I setup Zoho Mail for all my new projects. It's free up to 5 users but emails like "[email protected]", "[email protected]", etc. can be setup as "groups" that then forward to any of your users, so they don't count towards your 5 user limit.

Since most of my projects start with a max of 2-3 partners, it works great.