Which external keyboard and mouse you're using for mac that aren't Apple product?

I'm trying to upgrade my workspace, and somehow some Apple products aren't in stock right now.

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I'm using a Wowpen-Joy wired mouse + Truly Ergonomic Keyboard

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That's truly unusual Rik, at least for me. What a great hardware!

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I have a Logitech mouse (old series that's no longer for sale) and an Ergodox EZ keyboard.

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Only using a mouse (MX Master) I have a Macbook Air so mainly its own keyboard as using external keyboard feels weird to me and the display seems very far away. But I have a 60% Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard. I would though advise to get an almost full mechanical keyboard rather than a 60%.

on iMac:
* Logitech M Master 3
* Logitech K780

on MacBook (backpack, cowork, etc):
* Apple Magic Keyboard
* Microsoft Arc Mouse

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On my MacBook I use the Apple Magic Keyboard and I hope they bring out a new one soon with T arrow keys. As mouse I use the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse. It's nice because you can programm DPI settings, which I use when I switch between Windows device and MacBook.

Web Development, Design, Usability

Perhaps I should mention that programming the buttons on the mouse only works on Windows because there is no software vor macOS. After programming it you can also switch on macOS.

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