Where do you all keep your notes, project concepts, screenshots or other digital assets?

All my notes go into Notational Velocity. It's super fast to take notes, search through my notes, and it keeps everything in one place.

All my assets go into a project folder in Dropbox.

It's a very quick "not spending time organizing" kind of system so I can focus more on the doing.

All notes in Evernote, all files in Dropbox.

A mixture of paper, macOS Notes app, Evernote, and OmmWriter+Scrivener synced through Sync (privacy-aware Dropbox alternative) in case I do morning writing sessions (brain dump).

I use for all documents and Dropbox for files.

I use nvALT (fork of Notational Velocity mentioned by @jillbinder) for my text notes. It's great and very fast.…

I occasionally use iCloud-synced for things that I need on-the-go and synced immediately. (I also use Dropbox to sync my nvALT text files but I still haven't found an iOS app I like for it).

Design inspiration images/video I store in Pixave, although I don't use it a ton.

Other than that I don't store many random snippets.