What would you do? I woke up with an idea that requires coding; I don’t enjoy coding and I’m slow at it but I don’t want to lose momentum.

I want to execute right now.

But the execution of the idea would require me to sit even more in front of the computer (though I’m currently aiming at getting away from the machine more often).

It’s a dilemma.

How would you go about this? And what questions would you answer for yourself to identify the best outcome?

(Just thinking out loud… my best answer so far: Try to get as far as possible without coding and see if you can prove that there‘s a market for it just using the non-coding tools that are available; make it as simple as possible to get to a fast execution with quick results so you avoid spending months and months on a prototype.)

I’d appreciate and tip or question to answer for myself :)

- Alex

You want to code it right now because there is no tomorrow? Are you afraid someone else will do it before you execute on it?

How can you use your superpowers to get developers excited to work on your (or mutual) problem?

Great questions, @adriaanb!

I want to execute it right now because I don’t want to lose momentum. My excitement for one thing usually comes quickly and vanishes quickly too (not with all projects but with most random ideas).

I want to say I’m not afraid someone else will do it before I execute it but if I’m being honest it plays a part, yes.

"How can you use your superpowers to get developers excited to work on your (or mutual) problem?"


Since this is only an idea for now and since I don’t want to convince developers to commit to it without getting paid (because I hate it when people don’t receive fair compensation for their effort and time), this would be an exciting thing to do (to convince them) but also a challenging one.

I’m also considering applying for funding at places where they appreciate innovative products.

I’ll sleep some nights about it.

So.. are you SURE it requires coding?
They're No Code for absolutely everything today.
Web App => Bubble and WebFlow
Phone App => BravoStudio
etc ...

If you want to validate your idea first, create a Typeform or just the Landing Page maybe. If you can make some pre-orders, use the money to pay someone to code it for you?

Thanks, @adriaanb, and @icesofty!

I made something. You can check it here => or on WIP directly:

This is great! I am going to signup. Your storytelling really works :)

That is so cool!! Thank you 😊 🙏

Like others have pointed out, it's worth considering if you need code at all. At least to get started.

If it does require coding you should ask yourself it's the right idea for you. Play to your strengths and all that.

Good questions, indeed.

Play to your strengths


Tangential but the podcast has some relevant episodes I think

Cool! I haven’t heard about before. I’ll check it out. Thank you :)