What to choose between DigitalOcean and Firebase?

I'm revisiting my project and adding features like -
1. Single icon download
2. Only 3d editor
3. Login authentication and license
4. API

At the moment, I'm using Digital Ocean, and due to the complete icon set download at once, the bandwidth usage is around 8TB per month (too costly for opensource project).

Also, new project build in Next Js hosting on vercel. Old one is just a landing page hosted directlyh on github.

Is Firebase good switch, or any other suggestion to explore as alternative other than AWS (It's too complex) ?

What about Supabase instead of Firebase?

You should be able to cache these for free via CloudFlare

Since you mentioned it was open source, you could use a GitHub Release and link to the release files for free.

Thanks, I'll check cloud flare.
But, my 3d render files is around 4 gb+. Github will allow to use it with heavy traffic and bandwidth?

I think Git LFS maxes out at 1GB (or 2GB) so 4 GB is going to be too much. Packing is a little different because I have some 6GB and 8GB Docker images in their packaging product, but that is probably more hoops to jump through.

Amazon's S3 might be a good cheaper solution or even Backblazes bulk object storage product. I think it's $5 or $10 a month and would more than cover your files sizes + quoted downloads.

Thanks Jeff for explaining in deatils.
I'll look to amazon s3 again. Setting this feel too complex :)

Was about to suggest S3 as @jefftriplett did. Also take a look at Cloudflare R2 - zero egress charges last I checked.

Linode has an S3 compatible object store with free bandwidth. You only pay for storage.…