What's the best way to implement analytics for the sites created using a Site builder platform?

I'm planning on giving the users of #lokus   a way to track the analytics of the sites they create with it. I'm wondering what might be the best way to do this. I've looked into plausible and it seems like the pricing might be too high for my use case. 

Are there any alternatives without building a whole analytics engine myself?

PostHog and GA4 are good enough - and free tier is very generous.

I don’t know if this gonna be useful for you, but there’s an open-source analytics service called Umami, that you can self-host.

Damn, that’s perfect! Thanks my friend

You could build this on saasco, we just charge the infra costs and you don't have to manage anything. Check out #saasco

Costs about $1/100k page views

It's API first so you can retrieve any data you want and display it in your site.
Shoot me an email [email protected] if you want to check it out.

Depending on what tech you're using, there may be some simplistic analytics you can bake in with some packages.

Generally I'd recommend having some very basic analytics set up within your product, and allow the ability for easy integration with analytics providers for your users to do it themselves if they want more in-depth info.

E.g. BearBlog has builtin support for Fathom analytics, but you can do whatever you like with other platforms too.