🤔 What's a good pricing strategy for launch?

Hey everyone! I'm having trouble deciding on a pricing strategy for an upcoming launch. I don't have a huge audience, and I'm weighing these two options:

Option 1. Give the first XXX copies away for free to get feedback, generate some buzz, etc., then launch a paid plan afterwards.

Option 2. Start charging from day one in order to validate the product (potentially with an early bird discount).

Does anyone have experience with this? What would you do in this scenario?

PS: If it helps, my product is a Chrome extension for frontend developers. It's basically a redesigned, streamlined version of DevTools meant for fast development.

Hey Mark! I think start charging from day one is good way to go. But you could give away free copies to some people to get some feedback/reviews, and generally generate some buzz around it.

Also, giving an early bird discount is a good strategy here, you could ask people that you just gave those free copies to include this early bird discount code whenever they share your product around :)

Hey Ryzal, I like your ideas a lot. It's like taking the best of both of options. Thanks! :)

Yess! No worries Mark and all the best! :)