What medium should I publish, "The Kanye Story"

Quick Recap: Made a dating site for Kanye West fans. Went viral. Then took out Billboards saying, "Phone Me Kanye West". Ended up on the phone with the CFO of YEEZY.

There's 7 different sections, from coming up with the idea, to coding, to going viral, to billboards etc ... And each section is sick. I've made videos, spent ages on it. Went all out! So options are:


1) Perhaps undersells the story. I've spent over a month writing it. 2) Puts my blog on the map. Would allow me to capture email address' for future blog posts / launches

Free Book

1) Gives it a bigger profile 2) Gives me more channels to promote on. Could try PH. 3) It's a very personal story. Just 20 pages. PH probs wouldn't like it.

So yeah, what format works best? Or any alternatives? Thanks

I would go with Medium... and crosspost your blog with the longer version.

I would say write blog posts on Big Medium Publications like StartUp or HackerNoon or FCC. Choose one from or

But first write it on your blog & then 1 or 2 weeks later submit to the Medium publication using the Canonical URL as shown here in my answer so you get all the Google SEO juice.

Then write a book with 2x more content & earn 💰💰💰