What is the best way to run scheduled jobs?

I'm currently using cron, but it does not give back an error signal and I don't know how to keep track if it worked.

Ideally I would want a solution that allowed me to create a dashboard to see if my robots are still working.

I know js and python 


Add a Telegram webhook if it errors so you get a message sent

So I am going in the right direction using cron?

Yep, I'd think less about these kinds of things and if you're doing them properly or not personally and just make it work and ship it

If you don't mind paying, would solve your problem.

Thanks, this looks awesome

If you are familiar with JS. Have a look at Google Apps Scripts. You can setup triggers. And it's free, well free: you need to have a Google Account

Click Edit > All your triggers. There you can setup time driven triggers.

I use for this purpose. I call them after every successful cron. If that doesn't happen for X amount of time I get a notification.

If you are on rails, you can use the whenever gem, it can send email for the output of the task