What if WIP had real-time work sessions?

Seems to me like it would be great to be able to track pomodoro-style work sessions via @wipbot.

So you could send:

/work 30m <task> would show a real-time display of who is working on what and wipbot would follow up when the session is over, asking:
  • How was that session? (1-5 quality)
  • Did you complete your task?
  • If not: "Another session, same task?", if so: "New task?"
After several sessions in a row: "Ready to take a break?"

A couple years ago I built a product similar to this ( that was really effective, but I think the added element of social proof/peer-pressure from WIP will make it even better.

An added benefit is actually having data on how long certain tasks/projects are taking.


I'm in. It would be even cool to share our to-dos and possibly share opinions during work etc.

I am working on something that is called Work Mode.
A central and global Pomodoro times, that keeps running and you can hook into. No need to set software on your machine, just go to the site and use that timer.

The idea is to have multiple people working at the same pace and having a break also at the same pace.

I did a couple of runs in a physique location with 1 central running Pomodoro clock, and that worked great.

But ad a designer I got stuck on the programming part of that clock and having the site behaves based on that same timer. So, no solution very soon from me. But the idea, the proof and start is there.